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Healing Height Growth

Acupuncture expert can increase capacity of lung for opera singers and athletes. Can increase capacity of kidneys in kidney failure patients, can increase capacity of mind power in mentally retarded children, reverse the aging signs, make someone younger in body mind thinking vigor and looks. Similarly in case of height increase we can do wonder. Even after closer of the growth centers in the tips of he bones, a certain lowest possibility of further growth remains. If we can stimulate certain controlling points then we can make a person grow taller for sure. Even if the bone grows 1 mm each and there are more than 350 bones, then a person will grow three centimeters.

There is again a principle which says if a life event or development does not happen at the time it should have happened, medicine can make it happen at later stage with modern medicine. In case of no menses at puberty, no ovulation, no physical growth, hypogonadism, proper modern medicines hormones can make that happen at later stage.

We acupuncture experts can do much more extra. The acupuncture points can stimulate endocrine system to secret hormones, which cause growth. Most of these hormones may be known to modern medical science but there may be some, which are not known or studied. Because nobody till now did experimental research in acupuncture height increase.

One more thing a person should know about height increase. Boys and girls below puberty age should do a lot of exercises that should result in thumping movement on the joints. The growth centers are at tips of the bones and the growth centers are stimulated only when they are thumped. Thus jumping, spot running, skipping, cycling, will help a person grow before age of puberty.

All these are contra indicated after the age of puberty as the growth capacity diminishes with the advancing years. And the very movements and exercises will cause the joints to hold on to the immature soft shock absorber growth centers to act as buffer for the thumping shocks. The post puberty persons should relax more and should not do any exercises that will contract the muscles, as this will prevent any further growth in length. The muscles are for movements. They are situated along the long bones if they contract and reduce in length, then they will squeeze bones lengthwise and prevent them from growing in fact they will make the bones minutely shorter.

Can you do split? Spread both legs sideways at 180 degrees like a gymnast? If not, then you have already caused the muscles to become shorter.

Do not hang by hands in later years. The hanging causes all the muscles in the body to contract due to strain. You can experience it if you touch and judge he muscle contractions of a person who is hanging on horizontal poll. It is beneficial if you hang by your feet, upside down.

Exercises at a slow pace and with double the time allowed for relaxation is good for height growth. Acupuncture can help increase the height. A herbal medicine will be followed. These are natural safe and useful.