Herbal Medicine Treatment
What is herbal medicine?

Korean Herbal medicine -- also called botanical medicine or phytomedicine -- refers to using a plant's seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. The Korean herbal medicine has a long tradition of use outside of conventional medicine. It is becoming more mainstream as improvements in analysis and quality control along with advances in clinical research show the value of herbal medicine in the treating and preventing disease.

What is Korean herbal medicine good for?

The Korean herbal medicine is used to treat many conditions, such as asthma, eczema, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, menopausal symptoms, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and cancer, among others. Herbal supplements are best taken under the guidance of a trained health care provider. For example, one study found that 90% of arthritic patients use alternative therapies, such as herbal medicine.

Energy Boosting Herbal Medicine

Symptoms may include feeling warm, spontaneous or easy sweating, pale complexion, weakness of the limbs, fatigue, loose stools, lack of energy to speak, and preference for warm drinks. Can be used for chronic fatigue syndrome, after prolonged illness resulting in weakness, for lower organ prolapse (gastric, rectal, uterine), weak immune system, frequent urination and incontinence.

Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joint Pain Herbal Medicine

In KoreanMedicine, arthritis is termed bi-syndromes and there are multiple kinds (heat, damp, fixed, etc.). Our special formulated herbal medicine treat joints problems and stiffness from cold and damp symptoms. While cold and damp syndromes may arise with other symptoms such as fatigue, sensation of cold/heaviness, digestive issues, etc. if your conditions are generally worse in cold/damp weather and/or made better by rest and heat then this should be an appropriate formula for you.

Menopause Herbal Medicine

When energy gets blocked for too long, it generates heat which will burn yin and lead to yin deficiency. It leads to hot flashes, night sweats, clow back pain, scanty dark urine, low energy, irritability, high stress, red eyes, headaches, and indigestion cause unbearable discomfort. Korean herbs work synergistically with acupuncture to create a state of continuity in clearing heat and nourishing yin between treatments. We would highly recommend committing to this approach before using hormone therapy, as these natural options are free of side effects. Korean herbs are an excellent options for menopausal women, as they offer safe, noninvasive, and effective treatment for these often debilitating symptoms.

Chronic Fatigue

Korean herbal formula for Weakness, Dizziness, Sweating, Sore Low Back. It nourishes the yin aspect of our body (the fluid and cooling aspect). People with yin deficiency will have symptoms such as sweat, low fever, dizziness, tinnitus, emission, soreness in the lower back etc. Yin weakness occurs with age, sexuality, or chronic diseases.