I had slipped disc and was in a lot of pain. I couldn't sit for more than 30 minutes at a time. There was a pain in my lower back and numbness on my leg. I tried physical therapy and western medicine from the local orthopedic clinic for 7 months but my condition didn't improve. My wife and I did a research online about acupuncture and found Ashley Ro L. Ac. She wAs very nice, friendly, thoughtful and smile. We discussed about health issue and review MRI result and she recommended a treatment program to take care my health issue and started 1st acupuncture. I am surprised how quickly my pain went from a "7-8" to a "4-5" after 1st acupuncture with her. Then my pain dropped to "1-2" after 1.5 months with following treatments include took herbal medicine and exercise. During treatments, she also have good teaching skill about exercise and other health issues. I am very happy with the treatment result and extremely satisfied on her acupuncture skills. If you have a need for acupuncturist, I would highly recommend Ashley Ro L.Ac.

By Somkiat T (Google, Inc)

I wish to use this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to Ashley Ro LAc and your able team for your kind attention and indefatigability in your profession. I came to your facility with excruciating pain 9 on a 10 pain level continuum. I could hardly walk without assistant. Before then, I had tried several other Western medical options without any relief. After analyzing the result of my MRI in which I was diagnosed with "lumbar spondylosis with degenerative disc disease, Multi-level posterior disc herniation with exit nerve root impingement and Ligamentrail floral hypertrophy with mild compromise if spinal cord", you assured my family and I that your facility will be able to handle my medical condition and treat the ailment from the root cause as opposed to a temporary cure which I had earlier been offered by Western medication. We believed you and committed our trust on your professionalism. To our greatest astonishment after TEN weeks of your Acu-skill, Chiropractic and your doggedness I am presently feeling much better now and able to walk and do my house chores. It is incredible the rate of my recovery which can only be attributed to your professional ingenuity and commitment towards your patients. Thank you Ashley; May god reward you for your proficient contributions toward humanity and may you continue to prosper in your chosen career.

By Elizabeth U, PhD